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Have Tractor – Will Travel – Germany To Croatia In 5 Days

It is not often police pull you over on the roads and want to take photos with you instead of issuing you with a fine for some misdemeanour or another. Well it happened to German Wolfgang Voight (44) on his trip to Croatia from his home town of Gottingen in Germany.

Whilst most Germans driving into Croatia for their annual summer holiday on the coast are speeding along on the highways at over 130km/h, Voight would not have cracked 30km/h. The keen tractor collector has made the trip for the second consecutive year from Germany on board his 35 horse power Porsche tractor.

Voight says that he comes to Croatia by tractor for health reasons, explaining that he has problems with his joints and that the ride ‘cures’ that. “A lot of people ride their tractors in Germany, in a circle of around 100 kilometres around their towns, but this is my second trip in a row that I have gone from Germany to Croatia,” Voight told daily 24sata.hr.

Voight needed 5 days to get to Croatia, He will go to the islands of Krk and Rab, and also to Zadar, Sibenik, and the Krka National Park during his Croatian holiday. He bought his collector’s item Porsche tractor, which spends 17 litres of gas every 100km and has a maximum speed of 31 km/h, for 500 DEM, and he says it is now worth around 25,000 EUR. Voight has 7 other tractors at home and is joined on his holiday in Croatia by his girlfriend, who followed him down by car from Germany.

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