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Haute Couture Fashion Comes to Makarska for First Time

Haute Couture Fashion Comes to Makarska

A historic first Haute Couture fashion show has been held on the breakwater on Makarska’s Riviera on the Dalmatian coast.

The high-end fashion show, produced by academic product designer Olya Sookie, was attended by several hundred spectators.

The breakwater in Makarska was transformed into a unique fashion runway, shrouded in wonderful natural scenery, which emphasized the ambient concepts of the show itself.

“In cooperation with the Makarka Tourist Board, we decided to create something quite spectacular and uncommon in this community and judging by the response we got from spectators we have delivered on our promises, to bring a dash of the international fashion scene here to Makarska,” Olja explained.

The event started at 9 pm with a short video produced by Boris Luetić from BitPit Productions and kicked off a new and exciting chapter of Nephilim.

The show was officially opened by Klara, a dance member of the group Crowd Control from Split. Her spectacular performance put a spell on the audience and showcased a new custom made Nephilim dancing costume designed especially for this occasion.

Following Klara, the runway was taken over by stunning models that left everyone present, breathless. Fluttering dresses, futuristic makeup and carefully contrived music background, emphasize and contribute to the very name Nephilim – the fallen angels.

As a true treat at the end, Makarska’s most successful model, Kristina Šalinović, took a walk on the runway and enchanted everyone present. Every girl was greeted by thundering applause as they walked out, one by one, and yet ovations of the crowd during défilé felt amazing and unexpected.

“I am very happy and proud of the final result. Efforts of the entire Olya Sookie team really paid off, especially when we saw delighted faces of our audience. There were quite a few tourists present at the show. You could see, they were charmed and surprised to see this type of event taking place in Makarska. It was another one of the many goals that we set before us, to show the world that we are a wonderful tourist destination, offering fun and unique content for everyone to enjoy,” Olja said.

“The creative team that we gathered for the event was made up of young and talented people from all over Dalmatia. It was a wonderful opportunity to see them work together and showcase what they are capable of.”

“Many have recognized this event and supported it. The entire event was sponsored by the Makarska Tourist Board, Apfel company, MG Balloon, BitPit and Keune Croatia that provided gift packs for all models. A special thank you goes to Hotel Osejava that opened its doors and provided space for organizers, models, hair and makeup artists and everyone involved in this event. We are grateful that they tolerated us and all the glitter we left on the floor.”

Some serious thought has been put into turning this event into a long-lasting tradition, and a highly successful first event has made the team motivated and determined to make next year’s event even greater.

Olya Sookie and Kristina Šalinović

“Already we are planning next year’s spectacle, so don’t be sad if you missed us this year, there will be plenty more chances to enjoy the magic of Olya Sookie Fashion Event!”

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