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Harper’s Bazaar: Croatia 3rd Best Honeymoon Destination in 2016

Vis (photo: sailweekcroatia)

Vis (photo: sailweekcroatia)

Just like The New York Times and Huffington Post before them, one of America’s leading fashion magazines have now got in on the act in naming Croatia on a must-visit list…

Harper’s Bazaar have named Croatia in 3rd spot on its #TheLIST: The New Places to Honeymoon in 2016.

“Honeymoon pressure is real, and we’ve got you covered–here are our picks for this year’s hottest destinations and romantic getaways,” writes Harper’s Bazaar, before revealing their top places.

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania was in number one spot, followed by Lagos in Portugal and Croatia third.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z traveled here before it was cool, and we know why: it’s by far one of the most romantic destinations out there. The scent of pine trees pervades the mountainous beaches of Vis, whose clear water astounds most of its visitors. Other towns, like Rovinj, will have you sipping champagne at sunset on its rocky cliffs. You’ll appreciate Croatia’s lack of major must-see landmarks that in any other European city would make traveling there just for the beaches something your friends would hold against you – they wrote.


You can read the full article here.

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