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Hajduk Split building a football camp in Trogir 


SPLIT, 17 July 2020 – Trogir City councillors have adopted a decision to enter into a business partnership with Split-based Croatian football club Hajduk Split during a City Council session today, marking a historic day for the club and paving the way for the construction of the long-awaited football camp at the barracks in Divulje, Trogir, Hajduk.hr reported on Friday. 

“The construction of the football camp is Hajduk’s capital project, our most important infrastructure project in the 21st century and a solid foundation which without the club cannot develop and progress. Therefore, we can proudly confirm that today we are at the starting point of a great story that has been worked on for a long time and quietly, and which will ensure the continuity of education and production of elite players, talented footballers and quality people, which has adorned Croatian football throughout history,” said the Hajduk chairman Marin Brbić. 

Location of the Hajduk Split camp (Photo: Hajduk.hr)

Brbić added that the club is especially pleased that the football camp will be built in Trogir, a city that has always lived with its heart and soul for the club. 

“We are also extremely grateful to the City of Trogir for recognising this and the importance of building a football camp, and I am sure that the entire local community will reap many benefits from our future cooperation. This is a project of all of us, all of Hajduk, this is a project of Hajduk’s future. We are just at the beginning, we have a lot of work ahead of us, many stages that we have to go through, but together we will reach the goal.”


The mayor of Trogir, Ante Bilić, did not hide his satisfaction with the decision of the city councillors.

“On behalf of the citizens of Trogir, I can say that I am happy that Hajduk will have its camp, their second home, in our city. We are realistic, we think sustainably and that is why the project is conceived realistically, and financially sustainable. Hajduk will have a partner in us, and the city services will be maximally efficient in terms of changing the spatial planning documentation required for part of the project, issuing permits and other steps so that the planned dynamics of the project are not endangered,” said Bilić, adding.

Trogir is located around 30 km from Split. You can see the presentation here

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