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GUEST BLOG: Omiš: The Ideal October Day Trip in Dalmatia

Blogger Maria Yagoda, who authors the blog Snax and Sex and the City tells readers why Dalmatia is not just about summer and can be the ideal place to go to in October.

Omiš: The Ideal October Day Trip in Dalmatia

Omiš, Croatia

Omiš, Croatia

The perfect time to explore the Dalmatia region of Croatia is October, as the air gets cooler and the tourists clear out.  Omiš, in particular, is a breathtaking Dalmatian port town situated between Split and Makarska that is worthy of a day trip or even a several-night stay. The town is full of natural and historic sites, from the Cetina River canyon to the 15th century Starigrad Fortress. While it’s definitely too chilly to swim along Omiš’ pristine twelve-mile, pebbly coast, you can still enjoy the view of the bright blue Adriatic, perhaps with a picnic on the beach and a good bottle of wine. Radmanove Mlinice, the Cetina River canyon, is a gorgeous three mile trek from Omiš center and is also an ideal picnicking spot—or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try your luck with white water rafting, kayaking, or canoeing down the river. Of course, if you’re more comfortable on larger, steadier boats driven by professionals, you can still catch boat tours along the port that cruise along the nearby islands, including Brac and Hvar, though they run less frequently in the off-season.

For history buffs, make sure to take advantage of the cooler weather to hike up to either of Omiš, two historical fortresses, situated on the mountains above the town, both with beautiful vistas of the surrounding countryside and the Adriatic. Starigrad, the higher of the two, is a fortress that was built 15th century to protect Omis from invading Turks. Mirabella, which is much less of a hike though offers a less spectacular view, is a Romanesque fortress from the 13th century, this one functioning as a hideout from pirates.

Stroll around the well-preserved old town and you’ll come across loads of cozy konobas, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and delicious local wines, as well as stumble upon well-preserved old churches. A must-see is the Church of St. Micheal, a medieval church renewed in 1604 that is a stunning, unique mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Omiš is home to many other churches, including the remarkable pre-Romanesque Church of St. Peter, situated on the right bank of the Cetina River.

Omiš is the perfect day trip, especially in autumn, for your vacation in Dalmatia. Make sure to dress in layers—the air is cold in the morning and quite hot in the afternoon—and wear a good pair of walking shoes, whether you decide to explore the cobble-stone old town, the pebbly beaches, or the rocky canyons.

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