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GPS Takes Belgium Driver To Croatia – 1450km Away From Destination

Belgium and Croatian media have reported a bizarre story about a 67-year-old Belgium driver who ended up in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, 1450km away from her destination of Brussels, despite using a GPS system.

Sabine Moreaux set off on a 70km trip to Brussels last Saturday from the Belgium town of Solre-sur-Sambre to meet friends. After punching in the details on her GPS device, the trip which should have seen her arrive in the Belgium capital in just over an hour, turned into a nightmare when she saw a sign ‘Zagreb’.

It was reported that Moreaux, trusting her GPS, followed instructions and ended up 1450km away in Zagreb. Media reports do not explain how she crossed the border into Croatia.

“When I saw that I had passed Zagreb it dawned on me that I had to go back the way i came. I arrived at my destination on Monday,” said Moreaux.

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