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Gov’t to earmark €10million in support to Croatian farmers

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ZAGREB, Dec 23 (Hina) – The government on Wednesday adopted a grant funding scheme to support farmers due to hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in doing business, amounting to HRK 70 million with an additional HRK 6 million for pig farmers.

The scheme is aimed at assisting farmers faced with difficulties in doing business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing financial support to all those who have experienced a deficit in liquidity, have a decreased turnover or are faced with insolvency, Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic explained.

“With this programme we are trying to offset any damage experienced and to ensure liquidity for farmers to maintain the level of production prior to the outbreak of the pandemic which will then lead to maintaining the existing level of employment,” she said.

The scheme is valued at HRK 70 million, that will be distributed to cattle breeders (HRK 25 million), breeding dairy cows-calves (HRK 5 million), hog farming (HRK 14 million) and HRK 8 million for apple and mandarin growers and HRK 10 million for potato growers.

The support will be paid no later than 30 June 2021 amounting to a maximum amount of €100,000 (HRK 750,000) each. 

Pig producers to receive additional HRK 6 million

The government allocated an additional HRK 6 million for farming pigs for food.

“The implementation of this measures ensures the continuity of production of both raw material and that used in the food industry as well as endeavouring to maintain employment and prevent any further disruptions in the supply chain,” said Vuckovic.

Registered pig farmers are eligible for the support and currently there are 1,611 pig farmers and 1,354 are registered and could possibly be eligible for government support, she added.

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