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Gotovina’s Lawyer Reports Carla Del Ponte To UN

The lawyer for acquitted Croatian general Ante Gotovina has reported Carla del Ponte to UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon and wants an investigation to be launched after the former Hague prosecutor made comments in the media about Gotovina’s release.

Luka Misetic announced via twitter of his actions in reporting del Ponte, who lead the investigation which led to Gotovina’s arrest and subsequent jailing.

“I was very surprised and stupefied. It is completely incredible what happened after the sentence of 24 years in prison for Gotovina. Unbelievable. I cannot accept it. I feel full solidarity with the Serb victims of the crime. The crime, that we backed up with hard evidence.”

“We will see what will happen next, but this certainly is not justice,” the former Swiss and Hague prosecutor said.

Misetic says that the comments are damaging to Gotovina and wants the UN to take action. Misetic, amongst other things, wants del Ponte to issue a public apology to Gotovina. Del Ponte is currently a member of the UN Commission in Syria.

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