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Google Advertising Up 10% in Croatia – What Were the Top 10 Most Searched Words?

Google1Internet marketing in Croatia is on the rise. Google’s revenue from internet marketing services in Croatia has risen 10% in the last year…

As well as internet marketing revenue soaring in 2014, online purchases in Croatia are also up. Last year online sales made up 12% of sales, up from 9% the previous year. In 2014 Google’s total revenues were 66 billion USD, of which 59.065 billion were made up from advertisements. In Croatia Google made most of their money through internet marketing through adverts on YouTube, email, forums, blogs and other websites.

Excluding brands and well-known portals, the top ten words most searched in Croatia in the past year were; energy certificate, booking admin, car tires, air tickets, web design, legalization, loans, loan calculator, last-minute and proteins. The most searched events in Croatia on Google last year were the FIFA World Cup, Easter, Oscars, Museum Night, Eurovision Song Contest, Wimbledon, Spancirfest, The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Rujanfest and Interliber.

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