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Giants Coca Cola Struggling In Bottled Water Category In Croatia

American multi national giants Coca-Cola have used their muscle to dominate the non-alcoholic drinks market in many countries around the world. However, there still are some small regional producers who have managed to make Coca-Cola’s life difficult, with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia amongst them.

In pockets of eastern Europe some regional producers in some categories, particularly bottled water, have no trouble in fending off the multi-nationals. According to research conducted in 18 south-eastern European countries by Euromonitor, 5 regional companies in Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia have better market share results than Coca-Cola thanks to the bottled water category.

Euromonitor International reports that Coca-Cola is the undisputed market leader in the non-alcoholic drinks segment in eastern Europe with 22.3% percent of the overall non-alcoholic drinks market, including 43.2% percent share of the carbonated soft drinks category. However it is getting outshone in the bottled water category in Croatia at least. In Croatia Jamnica, part of the Agrokor family, is the market leader in the bottled water category with 62.6% of the market via its Jana and Jamnica brands.

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