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George Clooney Running For Local Office In Croatia

Voters in the Bilogora electorate in central Croatia could be forgiven for thinking that they will be casting a vote for Hollywood actor George Clooney in the upcoming local elections after a blunder by the Independent Peasant Party.

A biography about Independent Peasant Party candidate Petar Jurcevic on a party flyer is accompanied by a photo of the famous Hollywood womanizer. Over 15,000 flyers had gone out with Clooney’s photo. “It is a printing mistake because at the time we did not have a photo of Pero Jurcevic so we put a photo of Clooney instead. Unfortunately now 15,000 flyers have been printed, but they say that not even Pero’s wife noticed that it was Clooney on the photo and not her Pero,” said Party leader Vladimir Novotny.

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