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Genius Student Wins Bet with Teacher & Ends Up on the TV

Ivan Miošić

Ivan Miošić

A Croatian high school student has ended up on the national news after winning a bet with his teacher…

Ivan Miošić (18), from the southern Dalmatian village of Brist, was challenged by his physics teacher to get 100% in an upcoming exam, and if he did the teacher would honour a promise that he would invite television crews to do a story on the student. The extraordinary student took his teacher up on the offer and after he scored 100% in his physics exam the promise was fulfilled.

“I said to him that I want 100% from him and he asked what I was offering for it. I said I would bring the TV crew here to do a nice story about it,” said teacher Martin Lukanović to RTL, who went to film the teenage genius.

Teacher Martin Lukanović

Teacher Martin Lukanović

Lukanović, who says that Ivan is the first student who has ever scored 100% on an exam, never doubted that he would win the bet as in his 40-year teaching career he has never seen such a hunger in a student. Next step for Ivan is University in Zagreb.

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