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Geneva Tourist Office in Switzerland Place 2 Croatian Smart Benches

Croatian smart benches continue to expand around the globe (Photo: Include)

Croatian-made smart benches continue to pop up in more places across the world. 

After entering the UK market for the first time last month, the latest place to install the Steora smart benches made by Solin-based company Include is the Geneva Tourism Board office in Switzerland. 

At the entrance of the Geneva Tourist office on Rue du Mont-Blanc now sit a Steora E & Steora Urban model smart bench. 

Tje 2 benches at the Geneva Tourist Board Office (Photo: Include)

The Steora E model smart bench is a solar-powered bench with multiple functionalities, including wireless and USB charging, free Wi-Fi, ambient lighting, a cooling system for the seating, and 15 smart sensors.

The highlighted feature of the Steora Urban model is a 19” super-bright LED display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures or various info to the public. 

The Urban model features a LED display (Photo: Include)

Currently, the benches, which are manufactured in Croatia, can already be found in all corners of the world, including Croatia, Australia, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA, UK, Portugal, Qatar, and Dubai.

More details about the smart benches on Include’s website here.

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