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Gault&Millau Adds Croatia to their World Gastronomic Scene

Côme de Chérisey

International guide Gault & Millau, an authority in the world of gastronomy, has presented a local Croatian version.

Croatia now enters a circle of countries that every year awards the best achievements in the world of culinary arts. These awards will be awarded at the launch of the Croatian version of the guide on 5 April 2018, while the guide itself will be available from 6 April 2018.

Croatian Edition

The Night of the Culinary Oscar

Apart from the first Croatian Chef of the Year selected by international gastronomy guide Gault & Millau, trophies will be awarded in six other categories:

Big chef of tomorrow 2018
Chef of Traditional Cuisine 2018
Young talent 2018
Best POP 2018
Payment Excellence Award restaurant
Payment Excellence Award POP

Food by Edouard Loubet (Photo by Gault&Millau France)

“These awards to the chefs awarded will be used as a culinary passport on the basis of which their skills and excellence will be recognized beyond the Croatian borders. The Gault&Millau guide, currently present in 28 countries, has gained great respect for culinary expertise around the world,” said Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, director of Gault&Millau Croatia, before adding.

“Apart from awarding awards, the gala dinner will be a unique opportunity for chefs from all over Croatia to socialise.”

Luxury is in quality rather than in price

With the arrival of Gault&Millau, Croatia finally has a relevant national gastronomic guide and enters the world gastronomic scene. Anonymous, professional and objective, Gault&Millau inspectors visited all the Croatian regions over seven months in search of restaurants and wines which would make the first Croatian edition of the guide.

The result is 100 restaurants, 50 POPs and 100 wines. It’s just an initial selection that will be constantly updated and other quality restaurants will have the opportunity to make the guide.

Restaurant Alcyone (c)Camille Moirenc

Gault&Millau evaluates restaurants of all price categories with the motto “luxury is in quality rather than in price.”
The anonymous assessment process is the same in all countries where Gault&Millau is present, enabling chefs to objectively view their qualities in relation to domestic and foreign colleagues.

How many restaurants in Croatia are adapted to today’s digitally-conscious visitors

The first Croatian edition of Gault&Millau’s Guide will, besides awarding culinary excellence, also highlight the excellence of offering different payment options and communicating these opportunities to visitors.

As we increasingly encounter in the media that some tourists in Croatia feel that some restaurants do not accept certain credit cards, Mastercard has initiated the introduction of a new Payment Excellence Awards with the aim of encouraging the introduction of electronic payments into catering facilities Croatia.

When traveling to new countries, tourists will rather spend if the payment process is practical and safe, and this initiative is actually geared to boosting consumption growth at the destination.

In addition to this new category, Mastercard has launched a project in which part of the restaurant and POP site guide will offer benefits for paying Mastercard® and Maestro® cards from 1 April to the end of the year.

The Gault & Millau Croatia 2018 Guide will be on sale from 6 April 2018 at selected INA gas stations throughout Croatia for a price of 90 kuna.

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