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Fuliranje Jungle opens its green gates on Zagreb’s Strossmayer Square

Fuliranje Jungle (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

One of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb has welcomed Fuliranje Jungle, the Festival to hang out during hot summer days.

Kokoš ili Jaje creative agency has created a summer version of delicious bites and drinks&hot summer rhythms performed by outstanding DJs. Along with Ozren Kanceljak and Tomo Ricov, the festival will feature live sessions of the Croatian Funk Delegation (Bocca Sofistifunk, D-Gree, Pips, Werft, Ilko Čulić), Pepi Jogarde from the Adriatic Coasting, Jazzozo, and William Collins, as well as Edo Maajka with his DJ mixes.

DJ Ozren Kanceljak (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Thanks to Iris MBM jungle, Strossmayer Square is greener than ever. From July 17 to 19, and 24 to July 26, all plant lovers will have an opportunity to buy beautiful plants at favourable prices and acquire professional advice while the kids will learn about babbly plants. The last day of the Festival, July 26, plants exhibited at the Fuliranje Jungle will be on sale.

Iris MBM jungle plant (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Various twists and gastro variations will be in hands of 4 excellent gastro masters: Marko Palfi is in charge of light tortillas, smoky burgers,  Better pizza and a street variation of breaded chicken drumsticks; Marin Medak manages combo variations – burgers, pulled pork, and chicken skewers with couscous salad; Mate Janković offers you his selection of summer specialties: tzatziki wrap, octopus salad, and tropic hot-dog; while Robert Hromalić, a cake virtuoso, takes care of your sweet tooth with a choice of natural ice-creams and one new and original flavour.

Marko Palfi with Better pizza (Photo credit: Martina Marić) 

Pulled pork by Medak (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Tortilla by Palfi (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

That beer goes perfectly with street food is a well-known fact, but Staropramen has taken the whole experience to a new level – a unique concept of the Staropramen Food Truck adventure. As a restaurant on wheels, this truck designed in retro style, distinctively green with golden decorations will tease and satisfy your palettes with flavours and scents of food selected by Marin Medak, food selection in perfect harmony with the Staropramen beer. Apart from beer lovers, those that opt for wine can enjoy the offer of Croatian wine producers that have selected wines of superior quality. And those more in favour of spirits or cocktails can enjoy imaginative cocktails, and schnapps at The Bar, and playful GINs, as well as promotions and tasting at the GINgle Jungle house.

GIN by GINgle Jungle (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Tarzan_s hot dog by Janković (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Photo point (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Marin Medak (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Krešimir Golubić, the legend of graffiti art, organizes drawing workshops for princes and princesses aged 10-15 on Sundays, July 19 and 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., the kids will get a chance to draw with water-based graffiti sprays. All the kids will also get an original graffiti sketch of their names or nicknames signed by the author.

Octopus salad by Janković (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

(Photo credit: Martina Marić)

(Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Plants at Fuliranje Jungle (Photo credit: Martina Marić)

(Photo credit: Martina Marić)

(Photo credit: Martina Marić)

Partners of Fuliranje Jungle are Jamnica, Coca-Cola, and G3 Spirits, and the Festival is organised in accordance with all epidemiologic measures. For more information visit FB/Fuliranje, and IG.

(Photo credit: Martina Marić)


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