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From Zagreb to the World: New Tourist Feature at Dolac Markets


Something new for tourists in the Croatian capital was launched yesterday at the city’s famous farmers markets…

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić was first to use the new WLP (Web Live Point) installed at Dolac markets. A pair of feet marked on the ground lets tourists, or locals, know where to stand so they can be captured by the WPL, with the famous markets and Zagreb Cathedral in the background, to send a ‘live’ greeting to whoever they want around the world. The shot can either be seen live here: http://www.wlp-croatia.com/0001/ , or shared via SMS, email or on social media.

Just look out for the yellow feet on the ground

Just look out for the yellow feet on the ground

Dolac markets have been Zagreb’s belly since 1930, a bustling place where locals and tourists have for decades purchased their domestic produce. In the background is one of the town’s main landmarks, the Zagreb Cathedral, which was built in the middle of the 13th century.

The project, worth around 13,000 euros, was financed in part by the City of Zagreb.

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