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Freezing Temperatures in Croatia

Velebit mountain

All of Croatia is currently freezing under an extreme cold front and hurricane-force winds.

Most places woke on Saturday morning to temperatures deep into the minus. Velebit and Karlovac was -17°C, Zagreb -9°C, Osijek and Vinkovci -15°C, Vukovar -14°C, Makarska -8°C, Split -7°C and Dubrovnik -5°C.

“It has not been this cold in Split in the past 50 years. Whilst it says its -7°C, because of the wind it has a chill feel factor of around -20°C”, a longtime resident told us.

The coldest place in the Croatia however was Biokovo mountain where -23.1°C was recorded on Saturday morning.

The strong bura winds, in excess of 200 km/h, which are blowing along the coast, have shut parts of the main A1 and A6 motorways and ferry lines to the islands.

The freezing temperatures have even frozen the sea in some bays on the coast and have closed the Pag bridge and Franjo Tuđman bridge in Dubrovnik to all traffic.

Flights also from Dubrovnik to Zagreb were cancelled this morning with passengers taken to Split by bus before connecting on to the capital.

There will not be any let up either. The cold will continue with snow forecast to fall on Sunday and Monday.

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