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Freed Croatian Generals Rule Out Move Into Politics

National heroes and acquitted Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac could right now walk into any political party they liked. However, 57-year-old former policeman turned general Markac told reporters that he has no intention whatsoever of entering into politics.

Markac, who turned himself into the Hague Tribunal six years ago, because he knew he did no wrong, says he has been following Croatia’s progress during his time behind bars.

“I’ve been away for six years but I kept in tune with what was happening. Naturally, I hope that things will get better,” said Markac.

Markac, who says Friday’s decision was a shock but that he never believed he had done anything wrong after being on the front line defending his country for five years, says he will spend his time now writing books and doing humanitarian work.

Meanwhile one of the lawyers for Ante Gotovina, Luka Misetic, speaking on a Croatian TV show last night, also said Gotovina “will definitely not” be entering politics.

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