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Free guided tours in 56 towns across Croatia on 13 Jan 

Island of Korcula (Photo credit: Ivo Biocina/HTZ)

10 January 2019 – There will be free guided tours in 56 Croatian towns this Sunday as part of the ‘Get to know your country’ project organised by the Croatian Tourist Guides Association with the support of the Croatian Tourist Board.   

At 12:00 pm on Sunday, 13 January 2019, free guided tours will be held simultaneously across the country to mark the 27th anniversary of international recognition of Croatia.

This is the second edition of the project with a big turnout last year for the inaugural edition. 

“Every Croatian citizen can be a promoter and ambassador of their homeland, and in the same way we wanted to point to the importance of national identity and cultural heritage, as well as the importance of the work tourist workers do for the country’s international reputation,” organisers said in statement said.

Organised free tours will start at 12:00 pm in 56 towns in Dalmatia, Kvarner, Istria, Lika, Slavonia, Srijem and Zagreb.

For more information on which towns will take part and meeting points, check the Facebook page of the Croatian Tourist Guides Association here

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