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Former Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković to speak at Crodiaspora Online Summit

Tihomir Orešković (Photo credit: EU2016 SK/CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain)

CEO of Xantis Pharma AG and former Prime Minister of Croatia Tihomir Orešković will speak at this year’s Crodiaspora online summit.

Orešković will speak on the Global Perspectives panel where he will discuss business opportunities in Croatia, the potential for the pharmaceutical industry and his insights from when he was Prime Minister of the Country.

Other speakers on Orešković’s panel include Davor Lukšić, CEO of Lukšić Grupa; Nick Krešić, Audit Partner at PwC America; and the panel will be moderated by John Gašparac, Country Managing Partner at PwC Croatia and Treasurer of Crodiaspora.

Orešković was born in Croatia and emigrated to Hamilton, Canada at a young age. Orešković before returning to Croatia worked at Eli Lilly Canada as CFO and Associate VP of Government and Economic Affairs. In 2009 he returned to Croatia where he became CFO of Teva Pharmaceuticals for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Israel, and Africa. While building his career at Teva, Orešković received the call from HDZ and MOST to formulate the government after the 2015 Parliamentary election.

During his time in office, Orešković passed reforms that strengthened the Croatian economy. In his brief term as Prime Minister, GDP growth increased to 2%, Public debt decreased from 86.9% to 86.8% of GDP and the economic growth rate increased from 1% to 1.9%. His approach to reforms would influence the proceeding government’s approach to fiscal policy.

As the world faces the current economic and health crisis, Crodiaspora believes that this is an opportunity to inspire Croats around the world to engage with their homeland. Tihomir Orešković’s experience in fiscal management, government and the healthcare industry will inform viewers of the current economic and health situation in the country.

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crodiaspora summit

Crodiaspora is an organization that connects all Croats around the world to create solutions to issues facing all Croats regardless of their location. In the past months, Crodiaspora has created a platform that advocates for the rights of Croats in the diaspora, connected returnees with emigrants, and has kickstarted entrepreneurial and other ventures in spite of the current dismal situation.

Crodiaspora believes that the best way to unite all Croats around the world is through business and to find commonalities amongst us to create solutions for challenges facing all of us. As exemplified by the collective success of the Croatian National Team at the world cup, when the entirety of Croatia plays on the same team, we are unstoppable.

As so many Croatians from the diaspora, in increasing numbers, are seeking to grow their connection to their homeland through business or by purchasing property, Crodiaspora finds it necessary and vital to compile the resources to support these honourable endeavors. To reinforce these efforts, the summit will have substantial panels and presentations on the comparative advantages of living in Croatia, keys to a successful return, and the panel on Croatia’s legal system, which has already proven to be extremely helpful to many through Crodiaspora’s webinar with Don Markušić and Monika Maretić, some of the nation’s top lawyers, who will also be presenting at this year’s summit.

To find out more about the Summit and to buy exclusive access, click here.

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