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Former Croatian International Goes into Bat for Former Club

DadoFormer Glasgow Rangers Croatian striker Dado Pršo has joined the fight to return the Scottish club back to its former glory…

Pršo, who scored 31 times for the Ibrox cub from 2004-2007, has become a life member of the Rangers Supporters Trust and a Buy Rangers contributor. The Rangers Supporters’ Trust is a pressure group made up of supporters of Rangers Football Club. Formed in 2003, it aims to pursue the club’s interests robustly, monitor media output relating to the club and to project the views of ordinary supporters to the management.

Glasgow Rangers have won more league titles and trebles than any other club in the world, winning the league title 54 times, the Scottish Cup 33 times and the Scottish League Cup 27 times, and achieving the treble of all three in the same season seven times, but the club is a far cry today from even the days when Pršo was scoring in front of a packed Ibrox crowd, and the former Croatian international says he can not watch anymore.

“It makes me sad to see the heart is being ripped out of the club. I’ve said that when I was on the pitch I was like a soldier for Rangers, that I never gave up. Well the fans have been soldiers too and the RST have led that fight for many years. They have never given up. I am delighted to support the fans in their efforts to get their club back and I urge people to join the RST and help them do that,” Pršo said in a statement.

Back in Croatia, the pony-tailed goal-getter told the Daily Record that the club would always be a part of him and that he has to do his bit to help restore it.

“Rangers are a massive club and what has been happening in the past few years is terrible for the fans. I may not be close to the story and the exact movements but I see enough with my own eyes,” he told the Record, before adding.

“The players will change and move to other clubs, the managers will change and so will the chairman and the men in charge. I changed clubs when my time was up at Rangers but the people are the same. The fans will never change. They will always be there, no matter. When I talk about Rangers and the fans I get goosebumps. I am sitting here talking in Croatia right now and the goosebumps are coming on me. As I speak, inside my head, I am at Ibrox right now. The supporters are the heart of the club so it makes me sad to see the heart is being ripped out of the club.I dream of the day when I can come back to Ibrox and see the place like I remember – filled with supporters and the club being successful and healthy.”

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