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Foreigners have €1.35 Billion in Savings in Croatia

Croatia81Foreign citizens had 10.12 billion kuna (1.35 billion euros) in savings in banks in Croatia last year, around 3.5% more than the previous year, according to data from the Croatian National Bank…

The biggest share of foreign savings, 2.53 billion kuna310 million euros, arrived from citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who increased their savings in Croatia last year by around close to 30 million euros. Also up by around 30 million euros were Russian citizens savings in Croatian banks. Their total savings last year were 605 million kuna (80 million euros).

When comparing savings of foreign citizens with those of Croatian citizens, for every 28 kuna (3.70 euros) of Croatian savings in local banks there was 1 kuna of savings from foreigners, whilst that dropped to 1 kuna for every 17 kuna (2.20 euros) when foreign company savings were taken into account, reports daily Novi list.

According to data from 19 European countries, Croatians have savings totalling around 1 billion euros in those countries.

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