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Foreign Owned Companies Still Best Staff Payers

Croatia81Once again foreign-owned companies have easily ‘out-paid’ their Croatian counterparts when it comes time to dishing out salaries…

The average monthly net salary in Croatia in the third quarter of 2014 was just 5,266 kuna (690 euros), with private companies in foreign ownership paying their staff the most – 18% higher than the nation average. State-owned companies paid their staff 4% more than the average, whilst private local companies were the lowest payers – 8% less than the 690 euro average.

Besides management level, where the average pay in the country was 109% more than the average, the best paid workers in the country were those working in IT and development (+70%), as well as those working in Human Resources (+34%). The worst-paid workers were still assistants (-41%), and those working in the textile industry (-41%). Men on average were paid 11% than women, which was a 2% jump from the previous quarter.

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