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Focus on ‘Green Tourism’…But is it?

Croatia44Whilst one Ministry is pushing through plans to hand over Croatia’s Adriatic coast to foreign oil companies to drill for oil and gas, another is pushing its ‘Green Tourism’ plan…

Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin was at Plitvice Lakes national park this week announcing its Green Tourism Action Plan, which we will be presented in the autumn and will target sustainable development in tourism.

“National parks and other protected areas are an important link in creating the story of our country as a preserved and autochthonous land which attracts tourists with its uniqueness. We are in the final phase of preparing a Green Tourism Action Plan which we will be presented in the autumn and which is aimed at proposing measures for sustainable development in tourism,” said Lorencin.

Lorencin says that it is more challenging to develop continental tourism than it is on the Adriatic coast.

“Developing continental tourism is certainly a lot harder than on the coast however with its programmes, the Tourism Ministry is providing funding to develop that form of tourism in fact in areas with underdeveloped tourism. It is very important to connect the so-called Blue and Green Croatia so that our guests on the coast are offered as many native products as possible which in turn leads to a growth in small enterprises but also in tourism experience,” he concluded.

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