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First Wooden House Factory in Croatia Booming

The first factory producing wooden houses in Croatia is starting to boom, putting a dent in unemployment figures in the Lika region the process, reports dnevnik.hr.

Thanks to a machine unique to this part of Europe, which with just a few clicks on the computer can produce a wooden house in just a day, entrepreneur Zeljko Oreskovic embarked on the first wooden house producing factory in Croatia.

“The machine can read automatically and manually and you then just simply let it go. All we have to do is number the pieces that come out of the machine,” says employee Damir Gasparovic.

The desire for success has paid off for the Lika based company, now employing around 30 people. “I am very pleased, considering it is very tough to find a job these days, so its great,” says worker Ilija Spoljaric.

With Croatian houses traditionally built with brick and cement, the company says that interest is continuing to grow for wooden houses and they believe that production will grow, in turn creating even more jobs for the region. Oreskovic also says that there is plans to build the first wooden hotel in Croatia.

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