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First White Christmas in Croatia in 9 Years?

With 8 days left until Christmas Day, those keen on a ‘white Christmas’ have begun checking the weather forecast.

The last time it was a white Christmas in Croatia was 9 years ago, and as the big day draws closer the chances of happening this year increase.

According to the State Met Office the week leading up to Christmas for most parts of the country, excluding the coast, will be well into the minuses in the morning.

Whilst mornings will be chilly this week, the average afternoon temperature is unlikely to creep higher than 4 degrees.

It is going to be a cold week and forecasters say there is a chance of snow to fall too. In the Gorski kotar and Lika area forecasters say that there is a 50-70% chance of a white Christmas.

Split under snow – unlikely this Christmas.

In the north-west of Croatia chances 8 days out are 40-60%, whilst in Slavonia the chances they say are less (20-40%).

Whilst inland Croatia will be cold with chances of snow, the coast is likely to be wet.

According to Met Office, the last time there was a white Christmas was in 2007 when 12 cm of snow fell.

(photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

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