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First Solar Smart Bench Placed in Dubrovnik


The first solar smart benches made in Dubrovnik were placed last week in the popular tourist city…

Made in Dubrovnik by local startup company Universal Industries, the solar-powered smart benches are able to charge up to four devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The benches, which create and spend energy, are also kitted out with sensors which can measure such things as the air temperature, pressure, humidity, and UV levels. The first bench is located in Gruž with three benches to be placed as part of a pilot project.

New solar-powered smart bench in Dubrovnik (photo: dulist.hr)

New solar-powered smart bench in Dubrovnik (photo: dulist.hr)

Universal Industries, who believe they are only one of four such manufactures in the world, hope to take their benches to markets abroad. The startup hope to bring out a ‘smarter’ bench with more features.

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