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First snow forecast to fall next week in Zagreb

Zagreb could see snow next week (Photo credit: Instagram/instazgreb)

Most of Croatia has been enjoying unusually warm temperatures in November. With temperatures reaching up to 20°C this week and temperatures 10°C higher than average, there has been a number of records. 

This will come to a sudden halt with snow being forecast as soon as next week for parts of Croatia, including the capital Zagreb. 

Wednesday signals the beginning of a drop in temperatures in Croatia. The warm days will gradually be replaced with cooler temperatures.

According to the long-term forecast from the State Met Office, temperatures in the capital Zagreb will drop below 0°C on Monday night with rain, sleet and snow expected to fall on Tuesday evening. 


On the Adriatic coast, winds will strengthen over the next few days with a strong bura wind expected to blow, causing problems on the roads between the north and south of Croatia,” HRT forecasts. 

“Cold weather will spread across eastern, central and southeast Europe this weekend into early next week. Temp probability being below -5 °C. With such temperature at this height, snowfall is usually probable also in the lowlands. Depending on moisture,” Severe Weather Europe says. 

With winter not officially starting for another month, it has been an unusual year for weather in 2018. However, the first snow last year in Zagreb arrived in even earlier on 13 November.


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