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First Pay-by-the-Minute Cafe Opens in Zagreb

CroatiaIt is a concept which is not new in a number of cities around the world, but now Croatia’s capital Zagreb has its very own cafe where customers do not pay for what they drink, but for the time they spend there…

Cafe ‘Lutajući sat’ (Wandering Hour), with its interior designed like an apartment, opened its doors this weekend in the Zagreb suburb of Trešnjevka (Ljubljanica 4), and owner Ana Manzin says the idea of the cafe is to make everyone feel at home.

“It is actually an anti-cafe. In the ‘apartment’ there is a kitchen with equipment to make all drinks and everyone can help themselves to what they want. There will also be biscuits on offer which visitors can help themselves to also, as well as games and the internet,” said Manzin, adding that ‘patrons’ get a card when they arrive with the time they entered on it, and as they exit they are given an invoice for the time they have spent there.


Guests can help themselves to biscuits

One minute at Lutajući sat costs 25 lipa (0.03 euros), or 20 lipa for members, and Manzin says if someone wants to take advantage of the ‘all-you-can-drink’ service then they are welcome to.

“If someone wants to drink 10 coffees in an hour, let them drink it. But, I don’t think that its possible,” Manzin said smiling.

Visitors are welcome to lounge around all day at the cafe, and even order in food. (pics: Lutajuci sat)

homely feel

homely feel

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