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First Museum of Senses in Croatia has opened in Split

Museum of Senses in Split (Photo: Tom Dubravec/ CROPIX

The first Museum of Senses in Croatia has opened in Split. 

How easy is it to trick your senses? Visitors will be able to find out in the newly opened Museum of Senses in Split. The 400-square metre museum, located at City Centre one on Vukovarska 2017, features thirty interactive exhibits.

With its interactive exhibits, the Museum of Senses encourages visitors to revive and activate their senses, to feel more and to learn something new and is divided into 5 zones: vision, hearing, touch, smell and balance. 

Museum of Senses in Split

“By taking into account the basic concept, idea and the most attractive exhibits, the Museum of Senses adapts the story to the market, using local elements, all to make the visitor experience more interesting and understandable. What do Split’s fish markets smell like? Can you identify local odours? How does the city sound at night? How do things look from another perspective and how does it affect your balance? This fun museum has all the answers,” says the museum. 

Museum of Senses in Split

The Museum of Senses is a combination of games, education, science and culture, and its concept is the first fun interpretation centre in Croatia. The focus is on the basic feelings which meet and experiences the world, and the entire museum is divided into those zones.

Museum of Senses in Split Photo: Tom Dubravec/ CROPIX)

The zones are given a certain colour, and visitors pass through a dark portal before entering the new zone, where they will “purge” from the stimulus of the previous zone. Thus clear entities are created that follow the subject of individual feelings.

The combination of interesting architecture, space design and lighting, graphics and all other elements create an environment that encourages visitors to explore and discover in a fun way. 

Museum of Senses in Split

The museum space is filled with many interactive items, music, light and fragrant installations. In the museum, you will find a large aquarium, a water slide that will take you to the sea, a small alleyway, and a lot of other items.

For example, there is a room dedicated to the famous Split basketball player Dino Rađa where visitors can play basketball and become bigger than him. Visitors can dance in the Galaxy Room to Dino Dvornik’s ‘Ništa kontra Splita’ Contro Split’, slide into the sea and play picigin, experience a series of illusions or smell the winds of the Adriatic. 

Museum of Senses in Split

Numerous domestic artists and designers cooperated on the project resulting in excellent solutions that combine an interesting design of space, lighting and other elements creating an environment that encourages research through play and entertainment. 

Museum of Senses in Split

“Museum of Senses will take you on a trip to Split that you have not experienced before. Your feelings will guide you into some new dimensions, and that’s why it will be an excellent place to go for a trip and to have fun with your family and friends,” the museum concludes. 

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