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First Ever Fuckup Night to be Held in Zagreb – Guests to Talk Business Failings

CroatiaImpact Hub Zagreb is bringing to you the very first Fuckup Nights in the Balkans taking place on September 11th at 7.30pm…

Fuckup Nights is a global movement that aims to accelerate the learning process while reaching people closer to actual cases of business failure. Since its inception in Mexico City, in each FuckUp Night three entrepreneurs present their failures using 10 images and 7 minutes. Since September 2012, hundreds of fuckupreneurs have told their stories of failure to thousands of attendees in more than 10 countries.
It is all made possible thanks to their fellow fuckupers from Mexico City, Mumbai, San Sebastian, Medellin, San Francisco, Paris, Melbourne, Stockholm, Culiacán, Monterrey, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, and many more.

About the speakers







Ivan Ivanković, in his role as a consultant, worked on the development of mobile multimedia for international telecoms. Currently he works on the development of non telco- jobs for the Croatian company HT. At the same time he was working on his own startup, which is called Squee with his friends for which they received an investment from the Eleven Fund in Bulgaria.

His experiences with Squee is what Ivan will be talking about at Fuckup Nights in Zagreb.






Alex Harašić
, – A Chilean Business Manager with Croatian roots with over 8 years of experience developing and managing tech operations and businesses in the Banking industry, Consumer Packaged Goods, E-Commerce, and Mobile development. Shifted to the other side of the table two years ago to join a Venture Capital firm and later to manage a Startup Accelerator in Chile, helping local entrepreneurs build great products and businesses.

He will talk about: Bazarus.com, like Etsy.com for Chilean designers that went down the drain.





Miroslav Wranka, Born in 1972. in Osijek, then Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Started working as a journalist in 1989., hasn’t stopped since. Freelancer since 2007., covering ICT and economic issuses. Likes to create and play games.

Miroslav will be sharing his experience with the newsletter viapositiva and why it no longer exists.

To join them and celebrate failure at the very first Fuckup Nights Zagreb you can get your ticket here.

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