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First Croatian Tram 130 Years Old Today

CroatiaThe first ever Croatian tram began its journey on this day 130 years ago in the eastern city of Osijek…

The Osijek tram network is the only Croatian tram system still in existence outside Zagreb. Services have operated continuously since the first horse-car tram line was opened on 10 September 1884 (connecting the railway station and city square). The first electric tram ran in 1926. Back in 1884 Osijek has a population of around 18,000, and the main reason it got Croatia’s first tram system was because it was so spread out and an effective mode of transport was required to keep life ticking over. After liberation from the Turks, the Old Town had to be re-built, with much of the population displaced to the lower, upper and newer parts of Town, meaning the city was far spread. The horse-car tram, which track was 4.5km and operated from 6am to 9pm, ran for 42 years, before it was replaced by the current electric trams. (pic: Facebook)

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