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First Croatian Smart Sun Umbrella Presented

Sun umbrella which can charge mobile devices (Photo: Grad Rijeka/rijecanin.rtl.hr)

Croatia has produced the smart bench and now comes the smart sun umbrella.

Saša Mušćet, an innovator from the city of Rijeka, presented his award-winning sun umbrella with solar panels on Friday on Korzo.

The sun umbrella is a prototype model and its solar panels charge a battery which produces electric power which is used for charging mobile devices.

Mušćet says it is a simple device which can even be used at night thanks to accumulated solar energy.

(Photo: Grad Rijeka/rijecanin.rtl.hr)

The sun umbrella won the gold medal at the INOVA exhibition of inventions and was selected for Best Innovation in Tourism in a competition which featured 450 innovations from 22 countries.

“The idea came from a need, I was on the beach in Moscenicka Draga and I was waiting for an important call, and of course my mobile phone battery was empty. I went from cafe to cafe looking for a place to charge it and that is where the idea came for the sun umbrella with solar panels,” Mušćet told HRT.

(Photo: Grad Rijeka/rijecanin.rtl.hr)

The sun umbrella will be on Korzo in Rijeka for people to try out for the next two weeks.

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