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First Croatian Sci-Fi movie for children to open in cinemas

My grandpa fell from Mars

ZAGREB, Dec 30 (Hina) – Croatia’s first science fiction film for children, “My grandpa fell from Mars”, directed by multiple award-winning duo Drazen Zarkovic and Marina Andree Skop, will play in Croatian cinemas in spring 2019, and it is a heartfelt story about friendship, love and honesty.

The film was coproduced by Zagreb’s Studio Dim with partners from Luxembourg, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The screenplay was based on Irena Krcelic’s story “My grandpa is an alien”.

The film is about Una, a little girl whose life changes in a second after her grandfather is abducted by aliens. In the basement of her house, she discovers that he himself is an alien whose spaceship crashed long ago. The ship’s pilot, the small morose robot Dodo, has also stayed on Earth. Dodo and Una have less than 24 hours to find and rescue her grandfather.

While still in development, the film won the BeActive Award for best project and the Prime4Kids&Family Award for best project for children.

My grandpa fell from Mars

The film features state-of-the-art film technology and special effects seen in Croatian cinema for the first time.

“Our film’s message is universal: love can inspire life. In today’s world, which glorifies individualism, we want to show that it’s important to point young people towards company, friendship and love, values with which they will enrich their lives,” the directors say.

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