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First Croatian Electric Car To Be Mass Produced

Dok-Ing, which was the first Croatian company to produce an electric car, has announced that it will begin mass production of its electric car.

The prototype of the first Croatian electric car, the XD, has had a name change and will be produced in mass under the name Loox. The company has been working on the “Loox” for over three years and it is now in the final phase of testing.

Dok-Ing director Vjekoslav Majetic says that the car is designed for driving around town, and for people who can afford it and it will go in competition with small cars like the Smart.

Loox is made from a special type of solid aluminum and weighs approximately 1300 pounds together with its battery. It has 150 horse power, can do more than 100km per hour, and can do approximately 200 kilometres before it battery needs recharging.

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