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First Croatian Craft Gin Distillery Looking for Support

Luftbremzer Gin Distillery

A team of entrepreneurs, distillers, engineers and gin enthusiasts from the Croatian capital are looking to open the first craft gin distillery of it’s kind in Croatia.

The team at Luftbremzer Gin Distillery have launched a crowdfunding campaign to acquire the necessary funds for quintessential distilling equipment.

“We source our botanicals from certified local herb pickers and family farms in order to produce organic and truly distinctive spirits. We want to create something to enjoy, gather a community that appreciates the values of friendship, authenticity and dedication. We’ve been working hard to create a sleek Croatian craft gin that you will enjoy as much as we do”, the team says.

Luftbremzer Gin

The distillery will function as a place of craftsmanship and community. The inspiration came from distinctive Croatian wine cellars, where you can come in and taste all the products, communicate with the staff and in the end treat yourself with a bottle of your favourite beverage.

The gin contains only local botanicals

The Luftbremzer Distillery will have an open door policy.

“The gin recipe has already been developed in their little gin lab, and it contains only local botanicals. As production starts we will be partnered with fine bars, hotels and specialized fine beverages stores. The procurement of our botanicals, base alcohol and packaging is also settled. The last and essential part of our endeavour is funding the distilling equipment.”

Luftbremzer Gin Distillery team – Filip Presecki, Vedran Lulic & Kresimir Agbaba

The name Luftbremzer is derived from an old word used in Zagreb for a ‘man about town’, someone who knows what happenings are going on in town, have their finger on the social pulse and enjoys themselves.

So far the campaign has raised over $5,000 of the target $31,000.

You can see more about the campaign in the video below and check out the crowdfunding campaign here.

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