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First Clinic For Overweight Kids To Open In Croatia

The obesity rate amongst children in Croatia is starting to escalate. Latest data shows that around 20 percent of first grade school kids are obese and the government have decided to do something about it before the problem gets out of hand.

Next month the Ministry of Health will open the first clinic for overweight kids.The clinic, which will open its doors on 11 March, will be located in the capital Zagreb at the Rebro hospital and with the aim to provided structured treatment, education and follow-up for kids with weight issues. The project will include all overweight children who get refered to the clinic from their local doctor. Besides pediatric endocrinologists and nurses, the clinic will also have psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists working there.

One of the biggest problems of treating obesity is motivating the patient. The clinic will aim to change eating habits, increase physical activity and install new disciplines, that is why the 2-year follow-up period will be part of the programme, says the clinic.

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