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First Ammunition Factory to be Built in Croatia


Croatia’s Defence Minister Ante Kotromanović has revealed to journalists this week that private Croatian firearms manufacturing company HS Produkt, plan to open a 40 million euro ammunition factory in Croatia…

“Last year we sold nearly 100% more weapons and equipment compared to the previous year. This year we have good indications of some good deals, that is why we visited some nations where we have a chance to do some business. Our industry is completely in private hands, and we plan together with HS to build the first ammunition factory in Croatia. We have the space and the needs of the Croatian Ministry are large, and it will open around 30-40 new jobs also. Investment will be more than 40 million euro if private capital,” Kotromanović said on Monday.

HS Produkt is best known for design and production of the HS2000 and XDm, a semi-automatic pistol sold in the US market as the Springfield Armory XD.

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