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First 8D Cinema Box in Croatia

First 8D cinema box on Zagreb's Cvjetni trg

First 8D cinema box on Zagreb’s Cvjetni trg

The first 8D cinema experience in Croatia has arrived…

For the next two weeks a special 8D cinema box will be located on Cvjetni trg (flower square) in the heart of the Croatian capital Zagreb.

A range of films from a variety of genres such as horror, adventure, cartoons, and thrillers, are on offer to watch in 8D in the box. The movies are in three dimensions and ‘box’ goers will be able to feel the movements in the movie. Reality scenes like rain, snow, wind, and leg sweep are felt very physically by the audience. Eve shooting scenes are bought to life as the Zagreb 8D box is equipped with ‘guns’. 8D cinema teases all the senses. Up to 6 people can fit in the box at one time.

How much does it cost?

Entry – 25 kuna
Entry with gun – 30 kuna
Group (2+1) – 60 kuna
(2+2) – 75 kuna
Group with guns (2+1) – 70 kuna
(2+2) – 100 kuna

The box will eventually have a permanent base after making its way around Croatia.

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