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Finance Minister Jumps To 2nd Most Popular Politician In Croatia

His draconian methods to put an end to Croatia’s grey economy seems to be going down well with a number of Croatian citizens. According to recent polls, Croatia’s Finance Minister Slavko Linic has jumped in popularity and is now the second most popular politician in the country.

Linic has been in the news regularly in Croatia as he enforces a ‘no mercy’ policy whilst implementing new fiscalisation laws. Linic, who was recently quoted as saying those who drove companies into bankruptcy whilst becoming personally wealthy will not be sleeping easy as he is coming after them, is second behind current Croatian President Ivo Josipovic in the popularity polls.

The Cro Demoskop poll revealed that Linic was appreciated for his ‘workaholic’ ethic and those polled said Linic was “the only one (in government) working”.

Linic, who sent over 300 tax inspectors out earlier this year to cafes, restaurants, bars and bakeries to make sure they were adhering to new fiscalisation laws, closing  471 businesses down in the process, announced that he was about to crack down hard on Croatia’s farmers market traders and force them to implement fiscal cash registers.

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