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Finance Minister Blames Former ‘Thieving’ Government for €26 Billion Debt

slavko_linicCroatia’s Minister of Finance Slavko Linić has let rip at oppostion party and former ruling governement the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) at today’s parliament sitting in Zagreb.

When HDZ’s Ivan Šuker, who was the nation’s former Finance Minister, accused Linić’s government of creating political and legal uncertainty with its current dispute with the EU, and inflicting damage to the state and its citizens, the current Finance Minister did not hold back.

“For 8 years HDZ destroyed Croatia. I won’t talk about your individual robberies. In 2011 (when HDZ lost power) you left us 15.5 billion in minus and you did not have growth. You put Croatia 200 billion kuna (26 billion kuna) in debt. We are the ones trying to fix the problem,” an angry Linić retorted.

HDZ’s former leader and former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader currently sits in a Zagreb prison after being sentenced to 10 years jail for taking bribes to the tune of over 10 million euros.

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