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Film about Dražen Petrović set to premiere 

Film about Dražen Petrović "Naš mali” set to premiere 

Film about Dražen Petrović “Naš mali” set to premiere (Photo: SpeedyGonsales/CC BY 3.0)

“Naš mali” (Our little one), a 52-minute film about Croatian basketball legend Dražen Petrović, will premiere in the city of Šibenik, where he was born and grew up, next week on June 10th at Barone Fortress.

Those who were close to him have shared their memories and unknown details from the life of the basketball Mozart in front of the camera for the film which is directed by Ivana Guberina. 

The film is three years in the making and and it carries a message for all younger generations: “If you strive in life, success will follow!”

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Barone Fortress will host the premiere of the film (Photo: Lady Ivy/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Dražen lived that way, says the film director Ivana Guberina, he was and remains an inspiration. While he was a basketball giant to the whole world, for the people of Šibenik, he will forever remain “naš mali (our little one)”. 

“The documentary features numerous interviewees who were witnesses of that time, starting from Dražen’s family, friends, teammates, and people he lived with. The story itself follows his chronology, from his upbringing in Šibenik to the end of his earthly life and the legacy he left for all of us,” Ivana Guberina, the director and screenwriter of the film, told HRT.

“Only a few have seen the film, but I had the opportunity to watch some excerpts. It is the best thing ever made about Dražen Petrović,” said Neven Spahija, a friend of the late, great.

The legendary Croatian basketball player died on June 7th, 1993, in a car accident on the highway near the German city of Ingolstadt.

Film about Dražen Petrović "Naš mali” set to premiere 

Drazen’s grave at Mirogoj cemetery (Photo: SpeedyGonsales/CC BY 3.0)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dražen’s death, which will be commemorated with a special event titled “30 Years Without Dražen,” organised by the City of Šibenik, the Croatian Basketball Federation, and the Dražen Petrović Youth Basketball Club.

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