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Fešta vina returns to Jelsa on Hvar

Fešta vina returns to Jelsa on Hvar

(Photo: TZ Jelsa)

After a break last year because of the pandemic, the traditional Wine Festival — Fešta vina — which is the longest-celebrated wine festival on the Croatian coast, returns to Jelsa on the island of Hvar. 

In recent years, the Fešta vina has returned to its original intention – to be a cheerful event to promote Hvar wines, especially the best produced in the area of Jelsa, a wine-growing region where we find several different theories and thus various types of red and white wines, opola and prošek.

For the last thirty years, these wines have stood out for their quality, won prizes at competitions and delighted consumers, for whom Fešta vina is an opportunity to taste and feel the differences between wines from the southern slopes of the island, positions from Jelsa slopes and valleys and fields by the sea.

“Many surprised by their excellence will take with them the story not only of the sunny island of the beautiful blue sea but also of the sun captured in the golden colour of white and the ruby glow of red wine. The “wine” part culminates with the proclamation of the best wines that year,” organisers announced. 

Fešta vina always provides a lot of colourful entertainment. Various sports and entertainment competitions are held. Water polo matches are played in the port, rowing competitions, international regattas are held, pršut is removed from the top of a ten meter high mast and more. 

The first Fešta vina was held in 1952 and has been held for years in the first half of August, from Friday to Sunday. This year it will take place on 27 and 28 August. 

Programme below.

Fešta vina

(TZ Jelsa)

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