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Father’s Death Prompts South African born-Croat to Pen First Croatian lyric Song

Tomislav Švorinić (private album)

Tomislav Švorinić (private album)

South African born-Croatian Tomislav Švorinić, who was a professional musician signed to EMI Records, has written his first song with Croatian lyric…

The decision to write the song was prompted by a visit this summer to Croatia, when Tomislav came to bury his father.

Tomislav’s father was born on the island Sestrunj (off the coast of Zadar), and his wish was to be buried on his beloved island he left.

“On a recent visit to Croatia I was asked by relatives why I had not written a song with Croatian lyric. In fact, my father asked me the same question many times. So, I wrote the song, ‘Poljubi (Na Na Na)’, which has a simple lyric. I wrote it from the point of view of Croatia, the country, inviting people to visit,” Tomislav explained to Croatia Week.

Švorinić today is primarily a song writer and records under the names Naked Natives and BANG!.In his younger years he was a fully professional musician constantly touring in South Africa and signed to EMI Records. The most popular of these bands was Alternative rock group The Rag Dolls.

“After my Alternative Rock days I formed a band called Wooden Idols. We recorded our album in Sydney, Australia with well-known producer, Kevin Shirley. (Kevin has worked with Joe Bonamassa, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page and Iron Maiden to name just a few). The hit song from that album was a song called ‘Hey Baby’,” Tomislav explained.

Check out Tomislav’s first song in Croatian – ‘Poljubi (Na Na Na)’ – on the link here:


You can also check out his music on the following links:

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