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Fans Unite Ahead of Croatian Derby

CroatiaThey have been rivals for more than two decades, notoriously making headlines in Croatia for violent incidents in the stands and on the streets…

This week however, ahead of Croatia’s fiercest sporting rivalry on Sunday, Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split’s hardcore football fans have united.

Dinamo Zagreb’s Bad Blue Boys will help Hajduk Split’s Torcida fans get access tickets to Sunday’s ‘Eternal Derby’ as they protest against the Croatian FA’s decision last month to introduce a new ‘voucher’ system for away fans at Croatian domestic football league matches. Torcida had earlier in the week announced that they would turn up to Zagreb’s Maksimir stadium on Sunday without registering for the vouchers, stressing that they will not be dictated to about where they can go. That statement forced Dinamo Zagreb to announce that they would close the gates to the away South Stand on matchday if no vouchers had been requested.

Bad Blue Boys will help rivals Torcida this weekend

Bad Blue Boys will help rivals Torcida this weekend

Just to make sure the South Stand gates were opened, four Hajduk Split fans registered for vouchers, whilst the rest will get help from their rivals Bad Blue Boys to get tickets for the match. The new law means away fans are banned at matches unless the away club applies at least 24 hours in advance to the home club and registers travelling fans details (name, id number ect). Fans have not been happy with the FA’s new law.

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