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Faculty of Croatian Studies in Zagreb accepting enrolments from Croats abroad

The Faculty of Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb accepting enrolments from Croats outside Croatia.

Zagreb (M. Gašparović/Zagreb Tourist Board)

The Faculty of Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb is accepting enrolments from a certain quota of Croats outside the Republic of Croatia. 

Two years ago, the Faculty of Croatian Studies started the study of Demography and Croatian Emigration, and it is one of the programs available. Other study programs offered include Communication Studies, Croatology (Croatian Culture), Educational Sciences, History, Philosophy and Culturology, Psychology, Sociology


Applicants must have Croatian heritage with residence outside of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, completion of four-years of high school, this being, the last four years in at least twelve years of schooling and readiness to move to Zagreb and attend classes in Croatian. 

For applicants who meet the above-mentioned enrolment requirements, a meeting will be held primarily consisting of a discussion regarding the student’s motivation to study and an evaluation of their knowledge of the Croatian language. 

You must complete the application and attach the following scans: 

1. Domovnica or an extract from the Book of Croatian Nationals (if the applicant is a Croatian citizen) or a certificate / proof of foreign nationality (if the applicant is a not a Croatian national); 

2. Statement of Croatian herritage (if the applicant does not have Croatian citizenship); 

3. Motivation letter (in Croatian, English, Spanish or German); 

4. Certificates for the last four grades of high school; and 

5. Certificate of knowledge of the Croat- ian language at level B2, C1 or C2 (if available). 

Enrolment details are available online: www.hrstud.unizg.hr/en/enrolment/enro lment_of_croats_outside_the_republic_ of_croatia 

For assistance with completing the application form and collecting documentation, you can contact [email protected] 

The Faculty of Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb was launched in 1992 and obtained the status of a faculty on 10th December 2019. Research and teaching at the Faculty of Croatian Studies focuses on the interdisciplinary study of traditional and contemporary culture, identity, humanities and social issues related to the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian population and its diaspora. 

The topics include concepts of culture, politics, migration, intellectual history and reality, public and personal media communications, activities of social groups, human experience and behaviour, education and upbringing, language development, and relevant political, cultural, social and demographic issues of national, regional or European interest. 

University of Zagreb has signed an agreement with the Central State Office for Croats Abroad. It stipulates the college admittance quotas for Croats outside of Croatia with the aim of returning Croats and Croatian descendants to Croatia. Thus, the Faculty of Croatian Studies reserves a place for the enrolment of 53 students, each year, from the younger generations of Croats outside of Croatia, members of the Croatian diaspora and Croatian minorities. The costs of full-time study are fully subsidised from the State Budget. 

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