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Explore Your Croatian Name & Find Ancestors


A great platform is available to help people tracing their Croatian family background.

The website Acta Croatica is a platform on which users can find millions of people of Croatian descent, details about their surnames as well as historical documents these people have been mentioned in.

“There are over 200,000 detailed descriptions of Croatian family names mentioned in Croatian historical documents and more than 100,000 Croatian first names”, writes Croexpress.

Users can punch in a name in the search box and find out the history of the name, as well as references where it has been mentioned in documents.

“The project of Acta Croatica is to find, digitize, edit and publish new historical materials related to Croatia”, the website states.

“Our mission is to allow access to as many documents as possible and to preserve family stories. We plan to enable users to add their family genealogy to our website, and in the meantime you can fill in the “I want to know more” form, and we will see if we can help you.”

For full access to Acta Croatica, which is in both Croatian and English, users need to follow a simple and free registration process here.

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