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Experts prepare several models to reconstruct quake-damaged buildings in Zagreb

(Photo: HINA/ Tomislav PAVLEK)

ZAGREB, April 19 (Hina) – Construction Minister Predrag Stromar has said in an interview with Hina that experts have drawn up models for the reconstruction of buildings damaged in the 22 March quake, depending on a degree of damage and the type of buildings ranging from family houses to listed buildings.

Stromar, who again thanked very much structural engineers for their full engagement in the assessment of the damage done to buildings in that strong quake, told Hina that his ministry in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the chamber of Croatian civil engineers had set up a working group tasked with analysing the situation in the city of Zagreb in the aftermath of the quake and making suggestions for the reconstruction.

The task force that includes a score of specialists in structural engineering and reconstruction, has drawn up analyses of the damaged buildings based on their complexity and developed models for their reconstruction.

The findings of those experts will serve as the basis for a cost estimate for the post-quake reconstruction, according to the minister.

Stromar announced that the bill on the post-quake reconstruction of the capital city would soon be put up for public consultation.

Asked by Hina about the first steps which his department would take to bring the life back to normal after the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19, Stromar said that the construction sector was one of the branches that could reactivate the economy in the fastest manner.

“We continue to work intensively on digitisation to make the issuance of permits and licences easier and simpler.”

We are supposed to ensure the provision of construction material through shop chains and factories, to create jobs in the construction industry and to make sure that there will be enough workers, he added, underscoring that the health of people and workers is a top priority.

Asked about his opinion on when the recovery of businesses could be expected, Stromar said that manufacturing and food-making industries, agriculture and construction sectors would have to make bigger contributions to the overall economic activity since tourism could not yield the results it used to have.

“However, this is an opportunity for us to upgrade the IT sector and those branches that are better resilient to these shocks,” said Stromar.

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