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Expert: Croatia’s Political Elite Economic Fascists

Leading Croatian economic expert Darko Mihajlovic, speaking as a guest on popular state TV talk show Nedjeljom u 2 (Sunday at 2), believes that Croatia’s political elite are exercising a form of economic fascism in their policies and that Croatia’s entry into the EU will just speed up the process of bankruptcy.

Mihajlovic also said that Croatians have been tricked by politicians who are experts at “bluffing”, when they said that joining the EU would open doors for employment for Croatia’s youth.

“Geniuses are always in demand, for example an IT engineer who is a genius will find a job in any situation, but for the rest, the average Croat, nothing will change because there are even more people unemployed in other EU nations,” said Mihajlovic, adding that the average unemployed Croat will be fighting with the rest of unemployed Europe for a job.

Mihajlovic, who is skeptical of Croatia joining the European Union, did not hold back about Croatia’s political elite, branding the Minister of Economy Radimir Cacic as an economic fascist.

“This is a classic neo-liberal trick (keeping a healthy core of workers and firing the rest) that has in it already very significant elements of fascism. A neo-liberal doctrine is a large mass of people fighting for a small number of jobs. The last government done that and so is this one,” said Mihajlovic.

Mihajlovic also had a dig at the bankers. “The main function of banks is to create profit, but they do not need to create this in a neo-liberal or fascist way. It is economic fascism. Banks, of course, can not be a social institution. Banks, and citizens need to have a very responsible behavior towards money, and currently neither one have it,” said the economist, who believes that change in Croatia will come when between 470 and 530 thousand are unemployed, as then there will be the critical mass for change.

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