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Exhibition Dedicated to Stylish Split Women Opens

CroatiaThe Split City Museum was jammed packed last night for the opening of the exhibit titled “Žene sa stilom, Split, 1920 – 1940” (Women with style, Split, 1920-1940)…

It was not surprising that the opening was dominated by women, with over 90% of visitors to the exhibition, which runs until 13 January 2014, being women who came to see how their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers lived between the two World Wars.

As the numerous photos at the exhibition confirmed, the women of Split have always prided themselves on their style, and a surprising fact was that during the period between the two World Wars, the women of Split, which had a total population at the time of just over 30,000 people, had more than 780 different shops at their disposal.

“Women with style, Split, 1920 – 1940”, which was the brainchild of shoe-shop owner Linda Matijević, is an interactive exhibition that not only consists of a host of photographs, but also includes a collection of furniture, textiles, and various practical items from that era which was rich in fashion.

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